Products and Solutions

Products and solutions KAA Company Includes in its service basket a variety of design, production and delivery solutions At the level of design or production of a single product in the development stages until the delivery of assemblies FULL TURNKEY level including: Electro-mechanical assemblies of drawers and cabinets. Electronic assemblies, manual and delicate electronic assemblies …

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Contact Us Useful emails Engineering: eng@kaa.co.il Sales: sales@kaa.co.il Purchase: prod@kaa.co.il location Nesher, 22A Hamsila Street near Testkar. P.O. 25113 Haifa, Zip code 31250 Useful phones Office phone: 04-8200888, Mobile Phone: 052-5531491 Fax: 04-8200224 Phone-alt Facebook Linkedin Youtube Waze


Activity Production of military cables Naval military equipment Naval military equipment poses a difficult challenge to the developer and manufacturer the product environment must meet specific criteria, metals and coatings must meet conditions of salinity, humidity and exposure to particularly extreme conditionsManufacturing such equipment requires professional skill and quality while meeting standards Ground military equipment …

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Our customers

Our customers Medical device industries: Military Industries: Civil Industries :

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers Letter of thanks from Ilan Duvdevan from China Hello Emil, I would like to thank you and your team for the prompt response to our need for cable To VG in LISSOD If not your ability to produce the cable and the much speed at which you responded – the system Would continue …

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Our customers Medical device industries: Military Industries: Civil Industries

Electronic assemblies, printed circuits and fine soldering

Electronic assemblies, printed circuits and fine soldering K.A.A Serves to its customers everything the customer needs under one roofThe company specializes in electronic train processes and ticket solderingPrinted, flexible and rigid and even incorporating them into electronic components whenThe execution is done in a manual configuration using a microscope for seriesSmallness in which unique skill …

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Electromechanical Assemblies

Electronic-mechanical assemblies In KAA, electromechanical assemblies are carried out in systems that combine products From the field of mechanical packaging, wiring and machining products These electromechanical assemblies and systems are manufactured according to the requirements and characteristics of The customers who come from the civilian, medical and security industry and the areas of command Switching, …

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Design and Production

Design and manufacture of test equipment Design and manufacture of test equipment KAA Company Provides design and manufacturing solutions that include solutions for dedicated test equipmentThe cooperation between the customer and the developer and the production engineers at KAA Flooding pointsWeakness in the design and development stages and provide solutions for initial faults in the …

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Activity Collaborations with various companies KAA has a strategy that advocates cooperation with companies from various industries For technological advancement, logistical improvement and product discounting The collaboration takes place with several companies in Israel and abroad and allows for the exchange of knowledge and consultation With experts from all over the world. One of the …

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