Military Equipment​

Defense industry

The Israeli defense industry has become an important and prominent part of the whole country’s industry, and also has gained momentum, compared to foreign defense industries, for many years.

Plenty of new companies, in that field, has established and developed in Israel, according to the numerous and diverse needs, that befell the Israeli defense system, and pushed those companies to find unique solutions for the production of more advanced and efficient weaponry. 

KAA is a proud member of this extensive industry, as it provides services and products to many defense companies (aerial, space, terrestrial and naval); such as – suppling special cables, testing equipment, drawers, braids and harnesses wiring and designing complex assemblies. All that in accordance with the high requirements of the system quality standard- ISO9001:2015 and the aerospace standard- AS9100D. 

Naval Equipment

Navy equipment poses a challenge to the developer and manufacturer. The product environment must meet specific criteria. Metals and coatings must meet conditions of salinity, humidity and exposure to particularly extreme conditions. Manufacturing such equipment requires professional skill and quality while meeting standards

Military aerial and space equipment

The development and production of aerial and space cables, for example- for different aircrafts, missiles, rockets or satellites, require compliance with high standards of precision and quality; for it’s a matter of just a minor fault that could cause fatal consequences. 

KAA Assemblies and Wiring has many years of experience with aerial defense companies. It supplies them with various wiring and cabling solutions, testing equipment and design complex assemblies, and guaranties design and production quality of the highest order (according to the aerospace standard AS9100D).

Infantry Equipment

KAA provides quality military products that meet specifications and requirements for the exam
Particularly meticulous, the company is approved as a supplier from Procurement and Production Administration – Ministry of Defense and is approaching tenders that fit the Her experience, skills and specialization.