Turnkey PCB Assembly

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Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Given that turnkey PCB assembly services can guarantee high reward. It will also guide your company through the hectic process of setting up a complete assembly plant. For that reason, this guide will answer all your questions about turnkey PCB assembly services.

Turnkey PCB Assembly article

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions?

When small businesses or start-ups face challenges in PCB manufacturing, such as having a large inventory to operate or a team of professionals that will build PCB components to manage.

Turnkey PCB is an electronics assembly solution that provides a cost-effective and reliable method for manufacturing and testing printed circuit boards. This means, the consolidation of the entire PCB assembly project process all in one place.

In other words, when you choose a turnkey assembly service, once you place an order for a PCB, the contractor will complete all the required steps.

Turnkey PCB Solution Stages

The steps to complete a turnkey PCB assembly entail the following:

PCB Manufacturing

At this stage, the customer will provide their PCB Gerber Format to the PCB contractor. If you don’t have a PCB format, you can share diagrams with your service provider in order to illustrate what your needs are. Then, the PCB turnkey service provider will create your own Gerber Format.

Searching for Components

Now, the turnkey PCB service provider will go and buy all the parts that are on your Bill of Materials (BOM). These include active, passive and other custom components.

The searching for components process is happening side-by-side with the turnkey production process in order to save time. Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees the use of high quality and proven components for your printed circuit board project.

PCB Assembly

When the PCB and parts are ready, the manufacturer installs all the components on the PCB. 

The manufacturer can use either or :

In the assembly project, also include the following equipment:

In addition, the manufacturer uses RoHS-certified solder paste, which ensures a quality PCB assembly process. At the end of the assembly process, you will do functional testing to make sure you have good quality PCBs.

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PCB Testing

Turnkey PCB assembly companies also offer final assembly service, and all you need to provide is the product packaging and drawings. The PCB turnkey manufacturer will produce the product casings, assemble the final product, print the product codes, and then package them. 

The packaging will include a manual, inner and outer cover, and the final assembly in accordance with RoHS certification standards.

PCB Testing

The final PCB product is then shipped to your office address, ensuring that the packaging is up to standard and no damage will occur to the PCB while it is on its way. In addition, the manufacturers will provide you with customer support and after-sales service if necessary.

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