Company Profile

KAA Assemblies LTD was founded in 1989 by Emil Kamea, the current CEO.
Our company’s mission: To provide contract services and manufacturing solutions for a wide range of defense, medical and civilian industries. Our company policies promote quality assurance through accreditation and quality control management according to international standards. We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers to achieve success in the face of changing market conditions that require rapid pricing and quotes. Our team delivers short and long term projects with uncompromising quality and reliability. A wide range of companies have authorized KAA as their STS  (Ship TStock) supplier for products and services.
The KAA’s specialty in giving solutions in the defense, medical and civilian industries as:
• Wiring and cabling – Production of wiring, harnessesand cable 
 threading for  mobile mechanical systems and robotics.
• Electronic assemblies – Rigid and flexible circuit boards, manual fine soldering
    of T.H., SMT components.
• Electromechanical assemblies – Packaging refinements, production and integrated 
                                                  wiring mechanics and packaging details.
 Full turnkey solutions – Purchasing from high standard professional supplier •
and subcontractors in Israel, China and India to provide
.qualty and on time deliverires with varied capacities
Special Projects – Product development and Prototypes at the KAA site •
   Development and consulting at the customer’s site
   Design and production of test equipment for the military
  . medical and civilian industries
Special Services – Providing  professional & skilled manpower for all kinds •