Turnkey Project - Why Choose It?

Turnkey project  is a process in which one company oversees all aspects of project production from start to finish. The same company handles all stages of the project: From the initial design stage, chip processing and/or tools developing, then to quality assurance, and finally to the production – Packaging and delivery stage.

There are many benefits of turnkey manufacturing for both customer and supplier, including efficient communication and cost savings. In this article, we will discuss these benefits in detail.

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Shorter Development & Production Times

The old adage Time is Money certainly applies to the manufacturing industry. Postponing customer orders means loss of profits and tarnished reputation. It often happens when several different manufacturing companies are working on the same project, the lack of communication between all the pieces of the puzzle, contribute to frustratingly long production times.

However, turnkey manufacturing services help project leaders get around many of these issues. This is because all production stages are consolidated under one company. This way, it is easier to coordinate tasks that prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Moreover, in the Turnkey solution, each member of the manufacturer’s team is committed to providing a high quality product, in accordance with the specified design requirements. This common goal keeps everyone focused on the work at hand.

A reputable turnkey provider will always determine protocols that will serve as the basis for his team’s success. This systematic approach to the project workflow will increase efficiency and ensure minimized production times. In case of non-compliance with deadlines, cooperation with a single manufacturing company instead of a large number of companies facilitates and greatly simplifies the return of the project to the track.

Durable Manufacturing and Design

In the project workflow split between several companies, designers and manufacturers are often undecided about different characteristics of the desired products. In addition, when team members need to make adjustments to a project in the middle of the process, project leaders must coordinate between the design department and the manufacturing company, and ensure that everyone is on the same page with any changes.

On the other hand, 

turnkey vendors can consolidate the design and manufacturing departments into one central access point. Instead of contacting the designers and suppliers separately whenever a change needs to be made to an existing design, you will be able to enjoy effective communication with one company and one point of contact. It also allows for faster implementation of the necessary changes.

Established project turnkey companies also hire production teams with years of experience working closely with designers and toolmakers. This leads to a certain “level of comfort” when it comes to implementing adjustments in the middle of the project.

In addition, any headache of coordinating schedules, managing different vendors and sending or resending prototypes is eliminated in the turnkey process. Your sole supplier is fully responsible for the project and can update you immediately via email or phone call. The end result is usually a strong design and production process

Is the Turnkey Project Right For My Company?

If your business needs a fast, efficient and cost-effective turnkey project development service, we at KAA can provide everything from basic production to complete assembly of the product. You will receive the full support of our design and manufacturing engineering team throughout the process so that any problem can be identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

As the projects move through the planning and bidding phase, we coordinate the construction of the tools and prototypes, a first article inspection samples and final approvals. During production we will be on site to ensure that all agreed specifications, including initial and secondary final packaging are correct.

Is there a change to be made in the project? Want to add a new feature or change a dimension? With a turnkey maker, that’s not a problem!

Turnkey manufacturers provide design and manufacturing in one place – Making communication between designer, manufacturer and installer much simpler than any other project.

Any design change is immediately communicated and taken into account in the manufacturing and installation process, with no additional phone calls and headaches.

After researching the turnkey manufacturers, make sure they offer a cost-effective and time-saving route to presenting a new product. Some of these benefits should include:

Design support


Low and high volume assembly.

Electromechanical assemblies

Final assembly.

Full functional test.

Packaging and shipping services.

Scheduled deliveries.