Troubleshooting the customer's location

Technical support for a medical device at Rambam

K.A.A. Responded to an urgent call from the giant GE medical equipment company for help repairing a nuclear camera – a complex medical mapping device in its structure
The call for the service was answered immediately and a team of senior professionals set out on a mission at the Rambam Hospital website, the staff members worked non-stop until the camera was returned to full and proper operation
The hospital praised the efficient and dedicated work of the KAA staff who spared no follow-up to critical and urgent tests for inpatients
GE was fined for the fast and professional service of the KA team

Support for customer site abroad

KAA provides customer site support services, repair service and wiring, soldering and engineering personnel who go out and work for the various customers with immediate availability and response

An urgent call from a customer from abroad was answered immediately and a delegation of technicians and engineers immediately left the KAA plant and solved the problem quickly and reliably
The customer was spared unnecessary expenses and fines, shutting down a system for a long time which could result in cancellation of a contract and damage to the company’s reputation
The foreign customer greatly praised the fast and professional service of the KAA team