Our team

CEO of the company

Emil Kamea

Emil establishes KAA In 1989 as a IDF Air Force graduate. As CEO, Emil is following the company policy to quality management in accordance to the advanced quality standards requirements, with the organization’s human resources and culture aiming to provide the customer with a reliable and quality professional service that constitute growth conditions for mutual business development

Phone: 04-8200888

Email: emil@kaa.co.il

Production Manager and Sales Manager

Or Gladta Beckman

Procurement, suppliers and subcontractors

Yonit Glantzman Cohen

Yonit, purchaser and logistics, graduated from the Hebrew University and holds an M.A. In communications and science. The company manages the procurement field for locating and operating suppliers and subcontractors in Israel and abroad in the fields of electronics and mechanical packaging while achieving fast and flexible response time for pricing and delivering a product that meets customer requirements, standards and quality.

Phone: 04-8200888
Email: prod@kaa.co.il

Project manager

Avi Cordoba

Multidisciplinary in its activities, with extensive engineering skills in the fields of electricity, electronics and customer reference

As a project manager in the organization, Avi is involved in all product implementation processes and is an interface in the customer-engineering-manufacturing process and manufacturing as a supporter, and creates solutions, documentation and production specifications

Phone: 04-8200888
Email: log4@kaa.co.il