Business Collaboration Ideas

Business Collaboration Ideas Business Collaboration Ideas Business collaborations are powerful tools that can grow your business and generate new and exciting ideas. In today’s situation where more and more of us work remotely, many businesses have already started using internal collaborations, such as video calls and instant messaging allowing their teams to collaborate quickly and …

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Wiring Services

Wiring Services KAA manufactures a wide range of wiring and braids for various industries, such as:  Military standard cables made of components and raw materials that meet military specifications, Civilian braids that meet standard, Medical braids that meet specifications, braids with stepped sections that include delicate connectors and various protections. F.E – Flexible integrated hard printed cards …

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Our team

Our team CEO of the company Emil Kamea Emil establishes KAA In 1989 as a IDF Air Force graduate. As CEO, Emil is following the company policy to quality management in accordance to the advanced quality standards requirements, with the organization’s human resources and culture aiming to provide the customer with a reliable and quality …

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Equipment Troubleshooting at Customer’s Location

Equipment Troubleshooting at Customer’s Location  KAA provides customer site support services, repair service, wiring, soldering and engineering personnel who go out and work for the various customers with immediate availability some examples Rambam health care campus Technical Support for Medical Device at Rambam K.A.A Responded to an urgent call from the giant GE medical equipment …

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Military Equipment​

Military Equipment​ Production of military cables Naval Equipment Navy equipment poses a challenge to the developer and manufacturer. The product environment must meet specific criteria. Metals and coatings must meet conditions of salinity, humidity and exposure to particularly extreme conditions. Manufacturing such equipment requires professional skill and quality while meeting standards Infantry Equipment KAA provides …

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Certifications and awards

Certifications and awards QUALITY & EXCELLENCE AWARD Northern Manufacturing 2016 *Medical– ISO13485:2012 *Quality system management ISO9001:2008 *Aviation, space and security – AS9100D